Day #3

Day #3

Every now and then, we say things that we regret instantly. They are typically words or even phrases that you wouldn’t always say, or that you meant them as a joke. However, some things can come across a lot harsher, and a lot more damaging than what you intended them to be. You might have been after a laughter, but instead you saw someones heart crush right in front of you.

You cannot control how people will feel, but you have to remember, that your words and actions may enable an individual to question you. And that is something that you don’t ever want.

You can say “sorry” 100000000 times, and they can say that they “forgive you”. The pain that it causes isn’t just to them. Its the internal pain that it causes to you. For one second, a poor choice of words, the strain it causes on your heart and the doubt that you have in yourself.

Todays new thing will be, to stop saying sorry and actually back it up with actions that showcase appreciation. We can all talk. But can we all show?

My mother and I were supposed to spend the day together yesterday as a daughter-mother day. Her friend came over and that quickly went out the window. I was a little upset, yet I could see that my mum too was upset. So, putting all emotions to the side, instead of being angry about that once situation, I’m going to try again with her. I will always try over and over and over and over again with my mother.

So something for those of you who are reading this, what ever grudge or what ever mistake you have done, just know that it does not define you. The ones who are closest to you and love you will see that.

It’s expected that you will make mistakes. Every downfall is a learning curve. Show to who ever it is that means so much to you, that you’re better than that one second of something, that even I cant put a name to it.

The reason I am doing this, is based on the fact that I myself am a very stubborn person. I typically wait for others to make the move and for others to come to me first and apologise. But this isn’t something I only ever want to do for one day. It is something I want to do everyday.

Could me letting down the person I love dearly, be actually a blessing in disguise? Could it facilitate a change for the better?

We will find out I guess..



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